This year I have learnt many new aspects to the designing process, I have also enhanced my skills on Computer Design which will undoubtedly prove essential in the future. There have been disappointing moments with unplanned outcomes but there have also been great successes in my work this year. I’m much more aware of the aesthetical issues that can affect fashion and my working process.  I am now able to include these aspects whilst researching and planning my work as I allows me to design in a more focused & conclusive manner. By doing extra work such as PESTEL & SWOT analyses I can begin to understand fashion as a business rather than just an industry. I have considered fashion from angles that I wouldn’t have previously and experimented in more adventurous designs, challenging myself with materials that I haven’t worked with before so that I am able to understand these and adapt to work with the fabric. My reflective writing has moved forward through this unit, I have been able to be more critical of my work and outline areas that I can improve upon. I’ve used many sources to build on my knowledge, allowing me to consider many trends/styles of design. I have also learnt more about myself as a designer, I can look at me work in a more professional, creative way which allows me to move through the design process much more effectively. Overall, I believe that I have grown as an individual, as a designer and can proceed into my final year with confidence in the skills that I have learnt on & improved on.


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