Product Achievement;

At the beginning of this project, the goals agreed were the ones from our concept ideas from the window display. I was to take inspiration from the exhibition that I visited at the Design Museum which featured the works of Paul Smith. From the agreed, schedule, I was able to complete the tasks required of me. My individual goals were to conduct essential research, develop the concept ideas & create items for the window display.


Communication Skills;

I understood all communications made by both my peers and my tutors. I received all feedback well through critique/presentation sessions where I was guided on how to improve my work. I believe that the quality of my work was a sufficient standard. I completed all tasks required by me & individually applied myself to extra work. I kept in contact with the other members of my group to keep everyone up to date on the work that I was doing at that time.


Social Relationships;

On the whole, I believe that I communicated well within this learning environment. I shared my opinions and suggested ideas that could improve work within the group. I also communicated with other groups taking part in this project, taking an interest in their work rather than restricting myself to my own group. I felt that the relationships grew as a rapport was built between us, I was pleased with the other students that I had been paired with.


Reflective Skills;

The collaborative process is definitely one that I was able to learn from. There were some creative learning curves that made me question my own work and my own creativity. From the feedback & advice given from both peers & tutors, I have learnt new methods & processes of design. I believe that I contributed to my peers learning & enjoyment of this process through consistent communication and individual effort to succeed as a group. Working in these collaborative groups is something that I would participate in again for future projects as there is much to learn about myself & others.


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