My dress was much more challenging that I’d anticipated. I was faced with numerous issues that I had to overcome. Firstly was the attaching the separate pieces to the skirt half of the dress. Georgette is a difficult material to work which due to is slippery nature. With the lower half of the dress made from this fabric, it pulled against the upper half of the dress which meant that the stitching would be visible through the sides and back (which were open). To avoid this, I made a facing from the cotton I used for the top half which overcame this. However, this also meant that there was a slight gap at the back of the dress where the zip was so the edges didn’t quite meet. I resolved this by attaching an additional fastening (hook & eye). Following this, I placed the garment on the stand to see how it worked once together. It looked less fitted than I’d intended so to fix this problem, I used additional silk ribbon to attach the front and back panels of the dress, this also prevented the shoulders from slipping out of place. This gave more defined finish which is how I’d designed the garment. To complete this project fully, I will organise a photo-shoot for my finished garments and use these for my professional portfolio & developmental work.

IMG_2453IMG_2454 IMG_2719IMG_2720 IMG_2459 IMG_2458 IMG_2460IMG_2737 IMG_2736 IMG_2744


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