Tonight was the fashion show for the Red Square project. Everyone involved were making preparations all day. I was involved with the catering, supported the rehearsals which posed a few problems as people couldn’t grasp what they needed to do. It was frustrating & challenging at times but was eventually sorted. I was also assisting with the music for the show & when we did a full dress rehearsal I was there to watch and get to grips with the schedule. Once all rehearsals were done, it was time for final preparations for the actual show. Food & refreshments were put in place, the seating was all arranged and the exhibition was ready. The show itself went off without a hitch and was well received by the audience. It was an innovative way of showcasing our designs as students and I’m unsure the audience expected this. Afterwards I reflected on the project as a whole & its success. What it taught me as a designer & the execution of the finished products. It’s made me consider how much work and preparation must go into large scale fashion shows. This was stressful but I’ve learnt about some of the issues which can arise when planning an event like this & how to overcome these. I think that I’ve learnt to be more prepared for future shows like this so that it builds on my experience and organisational skills. I think that these skills will be tested when it’s my end of year fashion show. Now I will be moving on to my next project which I am looking forward to & will try to incorporate some of the innovative design methods I’ve gained and use these for future practice


IMG_1132 IMG_1141 IMG_1165 IMG_1170 IMG_1173 IMG_1174 IMG_1187.


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