This week was the briefing for my new project which is centered around diffusion lines. Before this project I hadn’t heard of a diffusion line nor did I know what one was. I recognised that multiple brands had branches that expanded their labels but I was unaware of the correct terminology for this. So a diffusion line is a cheaper version of a mainline but enables a designer to expand their customer base; Vivienne Westwood for example has her diffusion line Red Label, Prada has Miu Miu & some designers such as Marc Jacobs have multiple diffusion lines. My task for this project is to create a diffusion line for an existing designer whether they currently have a diffusion line or not. The aim of this project is to understand customer needs, design six outfits that have clear correlation to a designers mainline but offer a less expensive alternative for S/S 2014. I’ve learnt what a diffusion line is and what they are used for. Now I am going to conduct further research into this topic and discover what designers have diffusion lines & choose a designer for my own diffusion line. I also plan to look in depth at the trends of S/S 2014 to help with my design work for this I will use Stylesight, Vogue & similar resources.


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