Below are images of my final Red Square garment. I am exceptionally pleased with the result as I believe that I concealed the straight cuts & stitch boundaries well; even though this wasn’t my intent. I feel that through the process of experimentation, research & idea generation I have really grown as a designer during this project. My creativity was pushed forward to construct a garment with limits that I wouldn’t normally be faced with. From this project I have learnt that there are endless pathways of design if you take the time to look for them. Researching into other designers work is essential for a project such as this as it allows you to understand how others work and where they gain their inspiration from. I had doubts at the beginning of this short brief that my execution for this would be effective or essentially look like a poncho. I have learnt not to doubt my skills & that as an individual I am able to design in this visual way. Everything I have learnt over these past weeks will undoubtedly improve my future work. I will refer back to this project and use it help me design in more innovative ways.

IMG_1148 IMG_1149


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