During workshop sessions this week I’ve been working on my final design. When it came to make my toile, I discovered that my Calico wasn’t 100cm in width which posed a problem. To overcome this I instead went back to the half scale stand & cut 2 x 50cm by 50cm squares. Using these I was able to experiment with multiple ideas on the stand. Eventually I had the idea of twisting the fabric back on itself to make one of the armholes and pulling the fabric across the stand so that a ‘V’ neck shape was created. I was left with a lot of slack fabric down one side so I decided to put my research into practice by fastening the cloth up in knots. Once I was happy with this design, I began constructing my full scale garment. I felt that this was a successful technique in defining the womanly figure of the stand which is what I wanted to achieve. Craik (1993) discusses the unique style of Sonia Delaunay and how she preferred to let the material shape the body rather than command it. I believe my work communicates this method as I worked with my fabric to accentuate the feminine lines rather than demand them.


IMG_2761IMG_2762IMG_2763IMG_2764 My 50cm by 50cm Calico Squares Adding my Straight Lines & Cuts


Creating my half scale toile. Manipulating the fabric.


Creating my half scale toile. Twisting the fabric for the armhole.


Overlapping the fabric



IMG_2771IMG_2775IMG_2776IMG_2773IMG_2774 Tying the slack fabric in knots to finish the toile.


IMG_1102 My final garment (100cm x 100cm)

IMG_1103IMG_1109IMG_1108IMG_1105 IMG_1112IMG_1110 IMG_1114 IMG_1115 IMG_1116 IMG_1117 IMG_1118IMG_1121


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