I had a critique session this week with the rest of my course piers. It was a great opportunity to see how others have interpreted this project brief, and the progress of their work. I was really intrigued as to what had inspired others for this project, many had used inspiration from something that wasn’t directly related to fashion. Some had used large scale art installations which they’d seen at the V&A, others had used statues and some even more abstract sources. Critique sessions are an opportunity see how other people’s minds work and see what inspires them as an individual. It is important to partake in these sessions as it helps build life skills and enhance yourself as a designer by telling people who you are & showing how you work. My journey through this project is clear so others will be able to understand my thought process. I developed my concept and relayed this through my 30 designs, which I then developed further by creating my final design idea. I am confident that my design ties in well with my concept and communicates what this project is all about; Cut, Form & Innovation. Now that I have moved this project forward, I am going to begin my paper pattern for the jacket and begin constructing a toile to see how well my initial design works.


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