This was the first week back after the holidays, over the break I managed to finish my jacket however there were some issues that arose which made it more difficult than I’d anticipated. The weight of the hood, back panels which were a mix of organza & jersey meant that the jacket is extremely heavy at the back and the weight pulled the jacket so it doesn’t sit in the correct place. Due to the unexpected change in my pattern, I forgot to make a facing for the button holes so the stiches are visible and it has an untidy finish. I believe that some of these problems could have been avoided if I’d been instructed to adjust my design earlier in the project rather than being encouraged to continue in one direction & then forced down another. The finished garment is nothing as I imagined, it is not the graceful, and glass inspired form of Toots Zynsky. The end result and it looks nothing like I’d hoped. There are many things that could be changed to make this jacket much better – the fabric choices, colour combination & the overall pattern. I think that if I have time before my final hand in, I will rework this garment as I am sorely disappointed and feel that it will affect my overall grade due to the finished result & it doesn’t reflect well on me as a designer. There are many angles I can work from to make it better and I hope I have time to rectify this. I will use what I’ve learnt from this to help me improve my work in the future. Hopefully I will be a more successful than I was in this project.

IMG_2752 IMG_2751 IMG_2750 IMG_2749


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