This week I have been enhancing my sketchbook with additional research. Our fashion technician saw my half scale toile that I did last week. From showing her my design & working drawings, she suggested that I start to create my jacket pattern by using a loose shirt block. My design is focused around form so I have researched into shirts & how they differ and the history of the garment. This has given me greater insight & knowledge that I didn’t have before on this topic which will be useful in future. I’ve also done extensive fabric research and compiled a book with many samples in. This week I have made a full scale toile (Images shown below) from a mix of light calico & medium calico. This was to help me grasp how my design will work when actually made. My chosen fabrics for my final garment are organza, crepe & a stretch jersey.  I’m going to start making my final jacket now so that it is ready for January.

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