This week I had to hand in my calico toile of my jacket – Before doing this I had an informal tutorial with my lecturer & she informed me that I needed to show where my opening was on my jacket. I explained that I had planned this design being an over the head garment which she said wouldn’t be acceptable because a jacket technically has an opening. So I had to improvise with my already constructed toile & paper pattern. I hand stitched some paper buttons down the front of my toile to show that there would be an opening there. I also had to change my actual pattern to tie in with this new addition to my design. It has caused upset, anger and additional stress to me as this has destroyed a design that I have had in place for 3 weeks. I’m at a loss as to why this wasn’t brought to my attention sooner. Nevertheless, I’ve changed my pattern and will be constructing the garment over the Christmas Holidays as my time this week was spent working out the ‘kinks’ in my pattern. As this was the last session before the Holidays, I’ll now ensure that I have all the fabric I need and begin sewing my final jacket.

Uni Term One 021

My altered toile with the hand stitched paper buttons.


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