Today I had a briefing for my new project; Red Square. This is only a two week project & there will be a fashion exhibition to showcase everyone’s creations. I was introduced to our guest lecturer for this project Kiren Lall. She has her own clothing company called Red Rock. The idea of this task is to create a garment from two 100cm squares of fabric. Interestingly, the brief states that only straight stitches and straight cuts area allowed. English (2011) emphasizes that designers such as Yohji Yamamoto & Rei Kawakubo focused on deconstructive methods of design which included techniques such as unfinished hemlines, raw edges & untraditional fastenings. This correlates with Loschek (2009) who questions if fashion needs to have a theory behind it. If there are common expectations of how a garment should be pieced together, the works of Kawakubo & Yamamoto surely contradict this with their unconventional methods. Conducting essential research like this has broadened how I can approach this assignment. I will need to manage my time well in order to successfully complete my work as I will be time constricted. From experimenting on the half scale stand, I’ve learnt that there are multiple ways to manipulate a square of fabric. Moving forward, I will be conducting further research and begin design development so I am able to test numerous ideas before finalising one.


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