I was able to return to this project as I’d hoped so that I could rework my Jacket as I was still unhappy with the original garment. So keeping the transparent inspiration of the glass in mind, I remade my pattern so I could include all aspects that I didn’t before such as facings & openings etc. I’ve adjusted the length of my jacket and the sleeves as this is intended for a Spring/Summer collection. I’ve also decided to change the black & white colour choice of my jacket as this hasn’t given the desired effect that it did on paper. I chose to remove the hood & loose elements at the back and instead add a form of cowling which can be detached by buttons but can also be used as an unconventional hood. Essentially, my jacket resembles nothing of the previous garment, however it still ties in with the research that I conducted and I have retained elements that I had before but executed them in a more successful way. I have included these changes within my sketchbook to communicate & support the reasons for this rework. I chose to use white cotton and a pink chiffon fabric; together these look much more effective and is more like a spring/summer garment. The finished product is much closer to what I had originally planned and I am glad that I had time to go back over this project. I truly feel that I would have let myself down if I’d left my jacket as it was because it didn’t fit with my original design due to the problems that I was faced with. This new final jacket is much more fitting of my concept and was designed with the correct details considered & prepared for at the right time. In hindsight, I have learnt many things from this project; design skills, preparation, problem solving and critical analysis of my work. Had I not encountered the design issues originally, I wouldn’t have learnt to overcome these problems and might not have learnt to be so critical of my work.


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