She is an American artist that specialises in glasswork. She describes her work as a layered painting, much like a drawing – she builds on each layer to enhance the final result. What I like about her work is the way the glass is moulded and it made me think what would that look like on a body? The many interesting shapes that her work forms could be related to anything; a sea shell, a clam, a flower or even an odd umbrella! The use of colour is amazing, some of the pieces almost look like the colours a bleeding into each other. For this project my aim is to focus on using aspects of inspiration to create my final jacket. Below I have included some images of Zynsky’s work that I found inspiring. I have chosen to print my imagesfor my sketchbook in black & white so the focus is on the object ‘s shape rather than its colour. Portraying my work like this is a challenge as I consider myself to be a colourful person and even my piers say that my colour usage is really good which was a lovely compliment to receive. But I want to push myself to be more diverse so that people don’t know what to expect from me, so my work will be unpredictable and more innovative. I think using the works of Zynsky for my concept creation is going to work in my favour for this project and will certainly aid me in my creative pattern cutting. I feel that I am now ready to start my 30 designs for this collection & begin development of my jacket.

Toots Zynsky 3

Toots Zynsky, Imbrogliare, 2009; (http://tootszynsky.com/)

Toots Zynsky 6

Toots Zynsky, Mandorio, 2005; (http://tootszynsky.com/)

Toots Zynsky 7

Toots Zynsky, Rimbombare, 2005; (http://tootszynsky.com/)

Toots Zynsky 5

Toots Zynsky, Arruffato Mizimah, 2006; (http://tootszynsky.com/)

Tootz Zynsky 4

Toots Zynsky, Fuga, 2008; (http://tootszynsky.com/)


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