These are photographs that show the half scale toile I produced for my jacket design. The idea of this is to understand how I would create my pattern & how well it would work on a body. My design has loose elements which are intended to be wrapped around the body and attached/detached to various points on the garment. I was inspired to create this from the glass vessels I saw at the V&A. How the glass was twisted and warped, gave me the idea that I could create this effect on my jacket. Like a scarf wraps around a neck, these loose elements would wrap around the body. I am going to develop this idea further and decide how I can work this into my pattern.

2013 Pics 0202013 Pics 0222013 Pics 0212013 Pics 023 2013 Pics 0092013 Pics 010 2013 Pics 019 2013 Pics 018 2013 Pics 017 2013 Pics 014 2013 Pics 013 2013 Pics 012 2013 Pics 0112013 Pics 0162013 Pics 015


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