These are images of further experimentation that I did using the half scale stand. It was important for me to try different methods as part of the design process so that I can be confident that I have conducted enough research to begin designing my final garment. It is also important to document these processes through annotation and photographs as it allows me to fully reflect and remind me of each stage of the project. This enhances my learning & enables me to grow as a designer. I am now going continue this process & start my final garment pattern.

iphone term 2 039 iphone term 2 040 iphone term 2 041 iphone term 2 042 iphone term 2 043 iphone term 2 044 iphone term 2 045 iphone term 2 046 iphone term 2 047 iphone term 2 048 iphone term 2 049 iphone term 2 050 iphone term 2 033 iphone term 2 034


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