Since deciding that I wanted to use the glassworks as inspiration for this project, I’ve experimented with drawings and rough sketches. I started to imagine someone squeezing themselves into one of these glass vessels – what would that look like? How would that work? In some cases, it would be impossible as the neck would be too tight to get a head through – but then I ask, do I want it to be like that? It would be like being inside a bubble. Some of my drawings looked quite effective in relaying this message but it’s always easy to draw something on paper. There are no measurements, just my imagination but actually making it in real form poses many more problem solving situations. I’ve also been thinking colour and am beginning to think that I would also like to use the idea of glass as see through – so making my jacket transparent. I’ve started my 30 designs which I am hand drawing and not using any colour on. Also I was encouraged to think of a name for my concept/design collection. The glass vessels on their own are uncomplicated & as I’ve started to think about using transparency in my designs, I’m going to name my collection ‘Clear Simplicity’. Now that I have the name of my collection, I want to start making my designs more complex. I’m going to start looking at slashing into the fabric and changing the shape of how the material sits on the body. I’ve continued toiling in lesson which is helpful as it makes my mind work harder and visually aim higher. I think now I am going to start working on creating my final design and working on this during workshops as well.


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