Today was our group presentation. All three of us turned up which was a great start and we were all prepared for what parts we had to play & talk about. The presentation itself went really well I thought. We all spoke clearly and relayed our ideas to the audience with enthusiasm & reasoning. We received some great feedback from this and references to look at which will be uploaded to BREO for our convenience. One thing that was said (which I did say from the beginning) is that Alice in Wonderland has been done many times and we would need a fresh take on this concept. But it also means that we don’t have to re-create Alice, we could use aspects of the films as inspiration such as the hats & illusions. Also we have an idea of making a large pocket watch which the white rabbit has, Aneesa is working on ideas of how to do this because we want this to be original – it can’t just be a large clock. So after the presentation, we went away as a group to discuss our ideas further, Fortuna has extra tuition sessions every day from 12 -1 so Aneesa & I remained behind to focus on the project. She’s started to look at artists that have used different techniques to create their work, I created a list of materials that we would need to obtain for the actual display. Then together Aneesa & I started to scale the size of the window that we’re using and took photos to get an idea of how much space we have to work with as well as how we’re going to present the display. Our idea now is to re-create ‘The Rabbit Hole’ in which Alice falls down. We are going to create two layers above and beneath. A bit like a time warp, we’re going to make the clock appear as if it is melting into the rabbit hole so that time disappears. Then we’re going to have the Hats suspended with clear wire (a firm idea that has remained throughout so far) and then have objects ‘down’ the rabbit hole such as teacups & photo frames to get the idea of another world. I’ve also contributed the idea of using a bubble machine which would enhance the weird & wonderfulness of our concept. So after we’d figured this out, we created a materials list which spread out what each of us would need to find and contribute to this display. I am going to be obtaining, teacups, fishing wire & materials for making the hats. By next week I want to have started making my hats for the display as least.


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