I also researched into Luton’s history in the hat industry. I felt that it was essential to do this as hats are the basis of our design. Luton played a big role in this industry and I believe that the people of Luton would relate to this in our display. This helped me learn about Luton’s social & historical culture which was important because these were the people who would be viewing my groups display. On completion of this research, my group and I explored further execution ideas as we received feedback that our initial idea for the large pocket watch centrepiece and recreating the rabbit hole would be too difficult to construct within our time limit. Therefore we discussed other influences from Alice in Wonderland that we felt could be inspirational. We thought about the characters and the ways in which they have been portrayed in the various versions of the film, we then thought about how Alice changes size throughout the films which was a consistent theme. We decided to use this as the conceptual basis for our display and began the prototype for the next presentation of our idea. We’ve now decided to create mood boards to communicate the ideas we each have for our chosen characters. (Images below).


This was Fortuna’s Mood board.


These were my mood boards.



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