This was the time where we met to create our new display design. We started by redesigning our hat shapes. Rather than planning each one, we improvised and came up with some beautiful shapes which looked much more effective than our original ones. Fortuna and I then went to get the patterns printed on A3 paper so that they would fit on to the new hat designs. Using mount spray, I stuck the patterns to the hats which we all then cut out. We instantly knew that this was the right decision, these hats were already more eye catching than the previous ones we’d made. I suggested that we should stick the hats together to create a large abstract shape as the centrepiece rather than hanging each one individually. The others agreed to this and we agreed that we would finish the display on the day of the pitch so that nothing would get broken beforehand. I also wrote a script for the final presentation pitch so we would each have our own piece to say. I gained inspiration from external sources & independently, tried creating my own pattern ideas but Aneesa’s proved to be more successful in fluidity from one to the next.

IMG_2723 IMG_2722 IMG_2721 IMG_2729 IMG_2728 IMG_2726 IMG_2725 IMG_2724


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