Today was the final session of this unit. Our pitch was at 3pm, we arrived at 10am to get started on our final display. As we had already prepped our work before the session, we only needed to stick the new hats together. I improvised with this, using superglue I stuck the larger hats together then tried to make the smaller hats more 3D by angling them but this was unsuccessful with the glue. Aneesa then helped by suggesting we use a piece of mount board and duct tape. This worked much better than the glue, the end result was more abstract and from afar, the patterns on the hats blended and only when you moved closer, you could see each one in detail. When the centrepiece was ready, I resumed my role of hanging the display. Aneesa had made some brackets for the tissue paper grass which meant that it would tilt upwards and hide the base of the blue fabric. Constructing the display was much less stressful than the first time – everything seemed to slot into place like it was meant to be. I also noticed that it took less time to get the final display up in the window which was excellent as it meant we were able to go outside and photograph it. As we’d finished our display by 12, this meant that we were able to prepare ourselves for the final pitch. Aneesa had edited the script I made slightly so that it flowed with the presentation slides. Fortuna & I mounted our scripts on black card so that it looked more professional when presenting whilst Aneesa chose to read from the Ipad. We were able to practice a number of times before the actual pitch which was essential as we were able to rehearse individually and as a group. We also asked one of the other groups to listen to our pitch to check that it sounded good and was worded correctly. After a few line swaps and additional edits, we were ready.

images 001 images 002images 006images 011 images 012images 015images 017 images 019 images 018 images 020 images 021 images 022


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