Today after my induction session with the Head of Art & Design, I went to my course introductory session which was with my new lecturer for this year Janet Emmanuel. We started by doing an almost ice breaker – introducing ourselves which was mainly for Janet’s benefit so she could get to know about us. After this we were handed our first brief for this year. We went through it as a group, the brief is centred on cut, form & innovative design. Once we had gone through the brief, we watched a video which featured the work of designers Yohji Yamamoto, Issay Miyake & a few others. Some of these designers I will admit that I’d never heard of until now. It was very inspiring and gave good insight into how some of the Japanese designers take their work to another level. Whilst watching the video I thought how creative these designers were and almost felt intimidated at how inventive their pattern work was. One designer said that if you understood his work then he hadn’t achieved his goal which I thought was quite a witty way of looking at your own work. So at the end of this session I went to get a sketchbook straight away so that I could start doing some research for this project. I am going to start researching different designers as a starting point.


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