Our prototype was create from household, everyday materials and communicated our idea of having the 3D hats which we would create placed on a form of pole. These would then grow in size across the window so that the concept idea could clearly be seen. This would then have a background of blue fabric to represent the sky & tissue paper grass which in theory will create a scene like display. However, during the presentation of this idea, we faced some criticism from technical issues that we had now yet overcome. The 3D hats were not staying in place on the poles and we had no official plan of how the poles would stay upright. From this feedback, we had another discussion about how to execute this in a much more effective way. I suggested that rather than making the hats 3D, why not make them 2D from mount board and Hang them instead of balancing them on poles. This was well received by the other members of my group and we each decided that Fortuna and I would create two of the hats and do our designs on them. We measured up the window to calculate the size of each hat. I was tasked with creating the Cheshire cat & the White Rabbit hats. I had an idea of what I wanted to create for these so I am now going to start making these so that we can be prepared for our first display run after Easter.


Further sketches for hat designs

Further sketches for hat designs

IMG_2657 IMG_2659

IMG_2011Working Drawing IMG_2012


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