We were the last group to pitch our window display. Understandably we were all nervous but knew we were prepared. We explained our display well and the thought process behind our concept. We were descriptive and critical of our work so that the client could understand why we ended up with our final display. Commercially, our display was strong as it was suitable for an audience of any age, race & religion. It wasn’t offensive and had no unsuitable imagery incorporated within it. I believe that this worked in our favour as the client understood our design and liked that it was appropriate to such a mixed audience. We were also congratulated on the informative content that we included in our pitch. Overall the pitch went extremely well, we received some excellent feedback from the lecturers and the client. They were pleased that we had changed our design to a more abstract one – after all, Alice in Wonderland is an abstract film. The believed that we had put sufficient effort in and worked well as a group. In hindsight, we felt that we should have followed this abstract, pattern path in the first place but this is one of the many experimental ways of designing.

Final Window Display

Final Window Display


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