When this unit began, I did initially think that I had made the wrong choice for the project options. Looking back, I’m glad I listened to my instincts as this was a real learning curve for me. As a designer, I expect to encounter problems along the way but this unit provided some exceptionally challenging issues. One of the problems was that the brief was so open, there was a blank space which a group of creative individuals had to work together to fill, we had to understand each other’s skills, strengths and weaknesses. Collaborating which another art & design student has been really beneficial to me as I learnt more about another discipline and the process that are involved in their work. As a group, I honestly believe that we were the most organised, united & hardworking of all the students involved with this project. When we had a problem, we asked each other’s advice and worked as a team to overcome hurdles. When we received feedback, we worked together to understand how we would improve our work. Fortuna & I were both happy that we were able to move our display slightly away from the fashion side of design as we wanted to work with something new & different. Our concept provided this and we were able to show our creative talent using alternative methods of art & design. The skills, advice & feedback that I have received throughout this unit has been so valuable to my learning. Being pushed into a direction that I wouldn’t normally approach was intimidating but essential for me as a designer. I have experimented with materials that I didn’t expect. Presenting work has been beneficial to me as during our critique sessions, I wouldn’t normally use a large projection screen to showcase my ideas. However, learning that this is common practice for advertising students, I may re-think this when it comes to presenting my own work in future. I am not just proud of what I achieved individually, but also what we achieved as a group. I will remember what I have learnt from this unit and continue to incorporate these skills into my future work.


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