After doing research and sketching some of my own ideas (images below) which I emailed to Aneesa, today I had my second meeting with the other members of my group. We went through the presentation to practice who would talk about what section and agree on the order of the slides. We had also been told previously to think about what roles each of use plays in the group. Once we felt confident that the presentation was all in order, I said that I would decide on the roles for each of us in the group as I am good at recognising other peoples’ skills and qualities. So in my own time after the group meeting, I decided that Aneesa should be the Project Manager (which we had also began to agree on beforehand) as she is the most organised and is good at delegating tasks. I put myself forward as Creative Director as I am a good visual thinker and as I said previously, I’m good at identifying strengths in others and finally, I thought that Fortuna would be good as the Project Co-ordinator/ Resource Manager as she is very thorough in her research, presentation & supporting her ideas. Tomorrow we have our first official presentation as a group. I am confident that we are prepared and it should go according to plan.

IMG_2652 IMG_2653 IMG_2655 IMG_2656 IMG_2654


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