After the second session for this unit, I decided that I would act upon the feedback that I was given and start looking into other artists/designers work that could potentially be really inspirational and intuitive. So I simply looked on the internet to begin with to see who has had a take on Alice. One of the first results was a Pinterest page which I thought would be a great start as I could see the work as well as the creator’s name. One image that caught my eye was the work of the surrealist artist – Salvador Dali. He’d created the idea of a melting clock that was wound around a tree which was along similar lines to what our group had come up with. I then looked into his work further and discovered that Aneesa had in fact been looking at his work today in lesson without even realising. So this was a good start. I felt that his work was highly relevant to our concept and this weird and wonderful display that we wanted to create. The piece of artwork that I was drawn to was actually called ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’, I not only liked the colour but the interesting imagery that was created within this artwork. I then proceeded to look at his website to research his work further and reading about the techniques he used such as etching, engraving & also the diversity in what he created. Not only did he paint, he also drew, sculpted & made prints. I think that his work is highly inspiration for our group and will relative to our own designs.

Salvador Dali, ‘Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland’, 1969; (https://pages.vassar.edu/fllaceducation/senior-week-adventures-in-wonderland/)


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