Of course it would be almost insulting to not include such an iconic figure such as Blow when this project involves us Fashion students creating hats. Renowned for wearing the eccentric works of Philip Treacy as well as her extravagant dress sense. She was the discovery guru, finding new designers such as Alexander McQueen, Models such as Sophie Dahl and helping them breakthrough the fashion industry. Blow studied ancient Chinese art at Columbia University in America where she met the likes of Andy Warhol & Roy Lichenstein. She moved from London to New York & back again across her career working under designers and then becoming Fashion Director at the Sunday Times. Nevertheless, despite her successful career and touching the lives of many people, Blow attempted to take her own life many times and in 2007 she ended her life by drinking weed killer. Her work was featured at Somerset House in London as an exhibition in 2013 which unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to visit. I’m sure that it would have been incredible to see. Through my research so far, I’ve discovered that she saw hats as part of her body and in some ways protection. In a vogue article that is dedicated to her life, it says that she would use the hats to avoid being kissed by people that she didn’t want to be kissed by. It also describes that she would use them to relay her feelings on a particular day. I’ve done some image research and think that as she was Philip Treacy’s muse – it makes sense to research his work as well as he has created some truly wonderful headwear designs.



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