I met the other two members of my group at the Alexon building at 1:30pm to discuss our ideas further and come up with some kind of schedule. We’ve decided to go with the Alice in Wonderland idea as we felt that this opens a lot of doors and presents many angles which we could look at this. I said from the beginning that if we do this concept then we need to make it original as this is something that has been done & redone many times over already which is something that could be picked up on by the course leaders. So as a starting point, we thought that we could incorporate something from all our specialities when doing the window display. Fortuna & I thought of the Mad Hatters tea party and rather than creating actual garments, instead do something that falls within our disciplines but is different to anything that we have done before. So we are going to be creating hats that will be suspended by clear wire (probably fishing wire) so it looks as if they are floating in the air. Aneesa is going to focus on the background for the window display and is using the Queen of Hearts for inspiration. As a group we’ve decided that we will meet up on Mondays & occasionally Wednesdays. We have all exchanged numbers and emails to maintain communication with one another. Now I am going to go and start sketching some ideas for this project so that I can get an idea of what I want to create as well as doing some research on hats as Luton itself has a long, well established relationship with the hat industry & designer research into this area. All of this will be emailed to Aneesa by Saturday so that she can put our work into the presentation that we have to do next Tuesday.


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