Today I went to the V&A museum in London for my course trip. We were going to look at the Club to Catwalk exhibition which is all about London fashion in the 1980s. I was really quite excited as I haven’t been to the V&A for a long time so was looking forward to seeing all that was on display there. On arrival I headed to the fashion exhibition and walked round the room which was full of garments & other attire. The long-time standing displays were a walk through fashion history, starting from the 1700s when women wore large skirted, corset dresses. I was overjoyed that I was able to take pictures of these as it is quite common that you can’t photograph the displays. So I worked my way round all of the fashion timeline and read all of the information boards which were very useful because I really understood the times and what the designers were thinking – the story of the garments. Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to photograph the items in the Club to Catwalk exhibition which was disappointing as some of the designs on display there were phenomenal. After this I walked around the museum to make the most of my time there and looked at other sections. I found a glassworks & ceramics exhibition which I really enjoyed, there were some amazing pieces of artwork in this section. Again I took photos and I thought that some of the shapes that the glass had been blown into were so inspiring. I could imaging turning them upside down and they would look like a large floating skirt. Then I moved on to the architecture section which was interesting, looking at the small scale models of famous buildings and the materials that had been used. Then as I was walking around the upper floor gallery, I noticed a large hanging glasswork which was enormous and was hung above the main reception. I got some great photos of this and it reminded me of the Greek Mythological villain Medusa. The twisted and warped branches of glass were like snakes all tangled together yet trying to escape. I had a look at some of the other sections again – like the Chinese & Japanese artworks as I feel it’s important to learn about other cultures and sometimes they can be even more exotic that you’d imagine. On a personal level, I’ve always liked history and have been engrossed in ancient Egypt and ancient Greece. There’s always been something that’s interested me about their culture like the Pharaohs & Greek Gods of Mount Olympus. Looking at these displays especially the historical and architectural ones reminded me of when I visited Athens and how amazing those structures looked in real life. I am really glad that I visited the V&A but also think that I may need to re-visit the Club to Catwalk exhibition to refresh my memory of the items on display and take more detailed notes. I’m going to look over my photos from my visit and start developing my concept & hopefully start designing.


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