This 3D elective started by introducing me to words such as scale, form, manipulation, assemble, aesthetics, structure & many more. These were all descriptive of the process that I followed & issues that I considered. Through constant experimentation using low tech methods, I was able to gain understanding of this genre of artwork.

Learning how to work with these recyclable materials I was able to consider different cultural issues that I wanted to capture in my work. Environmental for me was a large influence – this is a worldwide issue that affects everyone & as a society we strive to find cleaner energy resources and preserve our natural planet.

For my conceptual development of this brief, I felt strongly about using objects that are often used daily but were also personal to me.

Maizel (1996, pp.83-118) provided some inspiration for me due to the presence of artworks such as Bessie Harvey’s Cross Bearers and Ben Wilson’s Sleeping Giant. Additionally, some of my inspiration came from Rigihini and Papazonni (1998) as I learnt about the historical side of the tobacco industry. Companies would strive to make their packaging appeal to the customer whereas now, cigarette packaging has become a monotone of blue, silver & gold. No brand stands out as an individual because of the laws that are now in place which try to encourage people to stop smoking.

My creation also had a punkie feel to its assemblage. From a fashion perspective, I researched Vivienne Westwood’s deconstructive fashion & her collaboration with Malcolm McLaren. I hadn’t considered that I would be able to link my work to a Fashion angle. The materials I used were everyday, recyclable ones such as cigarette packets, beer bottles, newspaper, string, drawing pins & magazines. I chose to take full advantage of my surroundings and used a hazelnut tree as my platform, to me a tree represents life; they are eternal, strong & regenerating. I used low tech skills such as tearing, cutting & folding to manipulate the paper materials. I learnt how to make the origami crane which I also suspended in my installation. I chose to do this as the Crane is a symbol of Peace in Japanese culture and is also used to remember Hiroshima (Much like we in England use the Poppy on Remembrance Day).

Looking back, I feel that I could have enhanced my work by incorporating other materials but overall felt that the final outcome represented the environmental, cultural, political & social elements that it was intended to. From this project I have learnt that even the simplest objects that society often take for granted can become beautiful artworks which can be used repeatedly as they are recyclable. Moving forward from this I will strive to work in a more detailed way and consider these aesthetics in my future design.


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