When I look back to the start of this unit, I had no planned structure for the execution of this essay or journal. Over the lecture series there has been clear messages given that as designers/artists/creators, we need to be aware of the resources that are available to us and take full advantage of these to achieve full potential. I think about the many topics discussed during the lectures; Black civil rights movement, visual thinking, the five senses of design. Most of these I knew little about but also would have never considered linking these to fashion. This has taught me that in order to succeed, exploration of many directions is key. The exhibition I chose to discuss for my essay was suited to my discipline however looking back I believe that I could have deepened my research into the specific frameworks that I selected. Although I was critical and gave sufficient supporting evidence with the essay itself, there was a lack imagination in my writing which in hindsight would’ve most likely enhanced my essay and engaged the reader a bit more. I realise that having a critical opinion was essential to the success of the essay however I could have executed it better with a more imaginative approach. When writing this journal I found that I was overly descriptive at first and wrote masses of entries that lead to no-where. However, I managed my time well and was able to go over these and edit out the mindless ramblings and keep the content that I felt was important for my journey through this unit. I have already begun to apply what I’ve learnt over these past months into my work which has greatly improved my design process. I’m able to look at my work from different perspectives and gain influence from aesthetics that I wouldn’t have previously. Looking forward, I will continue to use as many resources within my work, open my mind to wider topics for inspiration & use reflection to critique my work so I can constantly learn how to improve myself.


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