Rifat Ozbeck is a Turkish born Fashion Designer who is well acknowledged for his culture inspired garments and for his fashions of the 1980s. Originally, he studied architecture but soon discovered that he was more interested in decorating the buildings rather than constructing them. In 1977, Ozbeck graduated from St. Martins School of Art and changed his career path. His first tie to the fashion industry was working for Monsoon which was a company that focused on non-westernised creations. Using his eastern background, Ozbeck began creating strange, oddly shaped fashions and using unusual materials. In the 80s, he became recognisable for his sensational colour palette, use of fabrics & innovative designs. By expanding my knowledge on this designer, I feel like I’ve educated myself further and I can remember why his work caught my eye. In addition to Ozbeck, I plan to research Katharine Hamnet who was also featured at the V&A.


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