British Designer Katharine Hamnet is recognised for her ethical, sustainable creations, one of her first statements was a T-Shirt that featured ‘CHOOSE LIFE’ in large print. This was on display at the exhibition and immediately caught my eye. It would seem that she has very strong political views and wasn’t afraid to express them. After the T-Shirt proved a success, she continued this theme through a number of variations and became known as fashions most political designer. In an interview with Nika Mavrody for the fashionspot.com (2013), Hamnet shared that when she entered the fashion industry, she was very interested in Buddhism. She believes that in fashion, it’s easy to become rich & famous if you break the rules and are portrayed as a bad person. I found it interesting when she talked about her processes in having ethical fashions, even down to the Farmers & supply chains that she uses. She addresses the issues with the ever growing need to outsource to third world countries such as Bangladesh and China through the World Trade Organization and expresses that it’s such a tragedy as it takes work away from countries where there are regulations and minimum wages and brings it to places where workers aren’t always valued. Gareth Pugh and Stella McCartney have similar views on the way they work and all of them are successful in their careers. Would it be worth being a part of this ethical fashion market or limiting? I feel that I have conducted enough research to start writing my essay – I have touched on many of the aesthetics of the fashion industry and am confident that they will tie in with my chosen frameworks.


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