This week I my primary focus was to research different artists whose work is relevant to this project.

Sarah Lucas:

I chose to research Lucas as her work is particularly important to my project. Lucas has her own unique sculptural language, which is highly centred on sex. One of her most recognised pieces Two Fried Eggs and a Kebab (1992) consisted of using these materials as representation of the male & female sexual organs. Lucas has a clear concept in her work which is relayed to its audience well. I admire that she doesn’t try to make her point subtly and puts it all out there. Other works that I found inspiring include; All We Are Saying Is Give Peace A Chance (2002) & Great Exhibitions (2006). 

Isa Genzken:

I found Genzkens’ work inspiring as a whole. She incorporates other media such as photography, video & books within her work. As this is something that I could potentially do with my own ideas, I decided to research her further. Genzkens work is often steered towards urban landscape & anarchy. Her use of materials such as paint, imagery isn’t always as detailed as other artists but I liked the simplicity of her style. Her work Empire/Vampire III, 11 (2004) was one of her most inspiring pieces to me. I found her use of materials intriguing. These were items that I could see myself using – glass, metal, plastic & paint.

Marcel Duchamp:

Of course, famous for his work in this particular field; it would almost be insulting not to reference the work of Duchamp. Fountain (1917) undoubtedly revolutionised how the 20th century saw modern culture. The idea that everyday items could become art because one perceives it to be was something that grew in popularity and can be seen through all different art genres. Some examples of this are; Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Cans (1962), Claes Oldenburg’s Clothespin (1976) & Alexa Meade’s Egg on Egg. I was surprised that I knew all of these artworks but had never actually thought about what they each were and how simple the materials had started out.

Individually, all of these artists have given me something to consider when thinking about my own work. Using what I have learnt from this research, I am going to look over the project brief to begin developing my ideas.


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