This week I had my first session for the advertising project for my Experiential Learning unit. I am working with Aneesa Rahman & Fortuna Dey. Aneesa is an advertising student and Fortuna is also a fashion design student. We spent some time discussing ourselves, what we like/dislike & then started talking about ideas for the project. Aneesa had a lot of ideas in her head – some were a little conflicting so after breaking down the ideas we all came up with, the final five were; Best of British, Candy Town, Optical Illusion, Alice in Wonderland & Super Hero’s. My contributions were Best of British & Optical Illusion. As a country, we have some very iconic features such as; The Union Jack, Red London Buses, Post Box, Full English Breakfast – These are all things that people use daily and can all relate to in one way or another, I thought it would touch the hearts of people and give a heartwarming sense of pride. My optical illusion idea popped into my head as In thought this would be something quite unique that none of the other groups would come up with. Plus there are many angles that this could be worked from. After we had all these written down, we moved into the Mac room and began researching these ideas as we had to make 5 mood boards by 4pm to present our initial ideas to the other groups & course leaders. So as Aneesa uses InDesign for many of her presentations & CAD work in general, she started to create these collages for our ideas that we all helped research & then printed these off as A4 size. Then once 4pm came, we presented our ideas and the feedback we received was positive and encouraging. Obviously we needed to meet up out of lesson time to work on this project so we arranged to meet the following day (Wednesday) at 1:30pm.


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