This first elective for my visual communication unit has been challenging to say the least. I’ve had to overcome problems when going through my idea generation as I struggled with the brief concept. Imagining 2025 hasn’t been as easy as I thought it would be. It’s made me focus on issues that I wouldn’t consciously consider at the present time. However researching and experimenting has been an essential part of this process which has broadened my mind and changed the way I approach these projects. I was pleased with my final two posters however they did present issues that I had not anticipated during the workshops. One of the problems that I encountered was when I turned my paper from landscape to portrait and as I printed further up the page, it became more and more difficult to align the acetate guide on my paper. This meant that when I put my screen down, I wasn’t able to tell if it was actually in line with the rest of the pattern. As a result, some prints became out of line so the pattern wasn’t accurate. This was something that I learnt from when it came to my second set of workshops as I was able to adjust the acetate guide which enabled me to see where my print was. So the second set look much better than the repetitive pattern – but weren’t perfect as some looked slightly blurred, like a photograph that was out of focus.This wasn’t intentionally done but actually became quite an interesting effect in the end which reminded me of one of the lectures from my other contextual unit about using mistakes to have a positive impact on your work. Another problem I faced was that the ink dried out quickly with the thin lines that I had drawn on my first print which meant I had to use a wet sponge to clean my screen, which meant I it took longer than I had anticipated. I came in for extra sessions to overcome this to ensure my first print was completed, thankfully this problem didn’t reoccur during my second set of workshops. During this unit I’ve learnt how to edit my own drawings & photos so that they are suitable for printing which is something that I can use for the rest of my life. I’ve learnt valuable problem solving skills that I will be able to apply in my other units. These processes of using my own images and my own drawings has changed my perspective of my own work and in future I will be able to apply this knowledge to my own work. By printing on fabric I will be able to diversify my designs and incorporate issues that I am passionate about.

These are my two final posters that I feel were the most successful.

Final Poster One (Photo)

Final Poster One (Photo)

Final Poster Two (Hand Drawn Image)

Final Poster Two (Hand Drawn Image)



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