During my 4th lecture of this unit, I wrote a note down after something that Colin said – that we aren’t a visual thinking nation as such anymore. Which also stems from the idea that we are also an anti-social society today were we don’t see what is going on around us. Now this video shown above (Washington Post, 2007) was made as an experiment to prove this theory that people don’t look or listen to their surroundings. Gene Weingarten – the man behind it all was on his way to work one day and saw a tatty looking man playing a keyboard. Weingarten got rather annoyed that no-one was paying any attention to him or appreciating his music. He walked away thinking about how to get through to these people. Interesting how this event sparked his thought process in getting people to care what was going on around them. Eventually, his friend got him in touch with Joshua Bell – one of the greatest violinists in the world. They set up this arrangement that Bell would go to the L’Enfant Plaza metro station and play his violin to see if people paid him any attention. Needless to say – Weingarten proved his point, swarms of people just passed by Bell with no mind as to who he was or what he was serenading them on their way to work. They had no idea that it was a truly talented musician that stood before them playing a violin that was worth 3.5 million dollars. It makes you wonder – how far do you need to go to really get peoples attention these days? How far should I go to get peoples attention when thinking about my own work? I’ve also included a link to the newspaper article for further reference.




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