The third installment of this lecture series was focused around modernism, America & the 1960s. There was reference to Charles & Ray Eames, as well as consumerism & mass production. Then it moved on to consumption, sex & design. The concept of making a product desirable by appealing to sexuality. One great example of this was a Ferrari. They appeal to men because of their speed, power, shape, size & price. There were a number of images shown in this lecture, one I found particularly interesting was Chair  (Allen Jones, 1969). There was also a focus on visual language; Dr Timothy Leary and Robert Crumb (Comic Books) – This is something that I am going to look into further for myself as I am planning on using an exhibition centered around the 1980’s which was known for its exhibitionists and I believe that this topic of sexuality/appeal will be helpful to me.

Below is an uploaded image of my lecture notes:

Lecture Notes 3


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