Today I had my first lecture of this unit. It was an introductory session to inform and clarify what this series of lectures would involve and also to confirm what would need to be produced by the end of this academic year. There are two elements that will be marked for this unit, one is a reflective journal which I also did last year & the other is a 3000 essay giving a critical review (critique) of an exhibition that I have visited within the last six months. Much like my essay unit last year, there was a clear focus on independent study and during this particular lecture, Colin (the unit leader & head of department) gave three categories that should be focussed on; Critical Thinking, Research & Developing an idea for the essay. As my course leaders have already organised a trip to the V&A Museum in London, I’m sure that I will be able to find an exhibition there to use for my essay.

Colin advised topics of research such as; Linder Sterling – Artist, Oded Ezer – Typography & The autobiography of Malcolm X. There was a large emphasis on the use of resources as well as idea generation. I am going to use these as my starting points of reference.

My Lecture Notes


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