This lecture was opened with Colin telling us that these lectures are to re-capture what we did in the lecture series from last year. He wants to get the message across that as young artists & designers we should be thinking about how we approach our work through art & design. He mentioned problem solving, Ideology, Post Modernism. We explored expressionism & how Art History brushes over certain aspects of life – feminine, black, gay culture. One explanation of how visual language can be used was focused around the term: African American. Black Americans used their heritage from the slave trade where they would have been imported for this use and kept their African roots tied to their name as it is now. Another key point and how we lack in visual culture nowadays because technology makes everything too easy. From a historical perspective, posters, flyers and advertisements were used to spread word and influence people. Although these medias are still used today, how often to people actually stop and read a poster now when they could look it up on their phone without stopping. This reminded me of a video that I had seen on YouTube that I will include for this unit. The lecture moved on to visual thinking and another video to do with graphics and car manufacture – the birth of the ‘Go Faster Stripe’ which don’t actually make the car faster but it does visually. Overall I learnt that appearance can ‘fool’ people in such ways that it changes their emotions towards something..but in actual fact it’s still the same object underneath. An individuals perception can be as unique as a fingerprint. History is important as it molds society and can show how much the world has changed.

Below are my uploaded lecture notes:

Lecture Notes 4 Lecture Notes 4


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