In one of the lectures of this unit, we were shown an interesting video about a man named Jinsop Lee. He is an industrial designer who has a brilliant theory which I will get to. Lee became a professor, designed strategies for large companies and now does talks on his life experience and theories. I have uploaded the video (TED, 2013) that was shown in my lecture was based around his theory of the 5 senses of design. It was very informative and extremely relevant to my research. As a designer, I am always thinking of ways that I can improve my work and find ways to separate myself from other people, I’ve never looked at Fashion from this perspective. If I can find a way to include engagement of all 5 senses in my work – it should in theory be better than if it just triggered sight & touch, therefore more appealing to people.This is something that I will need to experiment with and now aim towards in my own work.


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