After looking over my lecture notes, I decided to independently research visual manipulation. One name that kept popping up was Fred Perrot, described on one website to be the most talented visual manipulator in the world. So naturally this enticed me in and I looked further into his work. I would have to say, after looking at his work online, this is a justified statement. His work is truly inspiring and absolutely beautiful. I found his online portfolio & have never seen work like this before. Visual manipulation as an art was something that I was unfamiliar with. I’m going to include some images of his work on my journal because it really is brilliant what he can do. I feel very inspired by Perrot &  think this method would look great on fabric. I think further research is needed into this area, possibly look at other visual manipulators to see how their work differs from each other. I’m starting to see that from doing research into other creative fields like this is part of idea generation and making me think outside the box, instead of researching endless fashion designers, other works can be just as inspiring and used to create concepts for my own work.



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