A British born artist, Linder Sterling made a name for herself during the wild age of Punk and the DIY culture. She was a well-known feminist and earned her reputation by using a mixture of pornographic images, fashion & domestic images from magazines to make collages that focused on the female body and how it was treated. One of her most renowned pieces of visual art was for the Buzzcocks single ‘Oragasm Addict’ in 1977. In a recent interview with Sean O’Hagen from the Observer, Sterling boldly stated that Lady Gaga failed to acknowledge that she wore the meat dress first! After reading this interview, I was impressed by how she had found her style through boredom of her own work. I wonder if I took a pair of scissors to my work much like she did with a scalpel to her artwork, and destroy it to an extent if it would look interesting and if it would still work as a garment. This might be something that I look into whilst working on my other projects. I’ve always been interested in the Punk era of fashion as it was something that really pushed the boundaries and you don’t see mucho that anymore – maybe we are just a more judgemental society or too scared to stand out in such ways. I am really looking forward to visiting the V&A exhibition as this should shed some light on the real outfits of the past. I’m going to include some images of Sterling’s work; general I found it to be bold & eccentric but very intriguing. The type of work that gives you a little smile in the corner of your mouth because you like it even though you didn’t think you would! I actually found her work really inspiring and may even try to incorporate this into my research for other projects.






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