Firstly, what is Consumerism? For those that don’t know; Consumerism is the name for the process in which products are bought/advertised leading to the theory that a greater consumption of goods is more beneficial to the economy. How does this relate to art & design? Consumerism Art, is described differently. It is where artwork is engaged to products showing ownership or criticizing the idea of consumerism. This can vary from having the product included in the artwork, or displaying features of it. I found a website that had many different examples of this kind of artwork on there, I can see how it would fuel people’s emotions on some examples more than others but I think that I’ll need to look at other resources to fully understand it. I also think that looking into other resources (as discussed in the first lecture) is a good practice to learn. People rely too much on the internet these days, and I’m not implying that it’s a bad thing, but sometimes exploring other options opens up the mind. Especially in terms of exhibitions or actually touching something that right in front of you instead of seeing a 2D image on a screen. All of the above is what I learnt today – I had some knowledge on this subject but this has gone further into depth which was useful. This may be a potential topic to discuss in my essay so I will have to keep referring to this entry.




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