Alexa Meade is a fine artist that has a very unique and interesting way of working. Instead of drawing/painting an object from observation, she paints directly on to her models or found objects then photographs them. During the last lecture, we watched a short film (TED, 2013) about her and her work and how she came across this idea of painting onto objects/people. So in actual fact, her work starts off as 3D form and then she compresses it into 2D by photography. A very clever way of working. After looking at her work, I think it’s amazing that she can still retain a high level of detail so that had I not seen the video explaining how she completes her artwork, I doubt I would have known that she starts off with 3D forms. Researching Meade has made me see that you do not always need to work flat on 2D which ties in nicely with how I’m learning to work directly on to the mannequins in my practical workshops. I’m learning how to work in reverse from 3D to 2D. A very fitting artist for my current projects. I think that this is something that I will incorporate into my work. Looking forward, I may experiment with other 3D ideas and see how to flatten them to 2D – this is a good way to expand on my skills as a designer. This could also tie in with my VisCom 2nd Elective.



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