This video (Shuttereyefilms, 2012) was another that was shown in the lecture about the collaboration of these two individuals. This ties in well with Mistakeism as when Sheila laid down in the milk, the paint came off so they changed their artwork and used how the paint seeped away from Sheila’s body to manipulate the perception of what was in front of them. Again, this is another innovative method of working and interesting to watch and see how well it works. It makes you wonder how this would work with other elements – what would happen with water instead of milk, would you see the paint seeping away like wisps of smoke or would it just change the colour of the water? What if you used something carbonated? Would there be multi-coloured bubbles? Its fascinating how another persons idea can spark a series of thoughts in someone else’s brain. I think that watching these innovative videos helps develop ideas when it comes to conceptual development and how I can relate this to fashion. I am now going to try using different materials to experiment with in my work so that I can see how successful or unsuccessful they are.


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