In preparation for this Experiential Learning project, I visited the Paul Smith Exhibition, curated by Donna Loveday at the Design Museum, in London. I found this extremely helpful as the aim of this project is to make a window display which I’d never done before. Walking around that exhibition opened my eyes to a world of presentation & design. The engineering of the displays were quite something and Paul himself is clearly a man with great vision & talent. I was able to take many photos which I was happy about as I can remember this experience forever. My initial thoughts when I entered the exhibit was that it reminded me of the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland. There were pictures, paintings, prints hung from floor to ceiling, so I couldn’t really see the items at the top but when I stepped back and looked at the full picture, it was quite breathtaking. This was the first exhibition like this that I had ever attended and prior to this, I wasn’t overly familiar with Paul Smiths work. But this is why it is important to see events such as this so I can expand my knowledge and see how diverse other artists/designers are. The reasons I had been encouraged to visit this particular exhibitions was so that I could understand how collaborations work – there was a whole section centered around this which showcased some of Smiths key work with other individuals & companies. It was also important for my to understand how the displays worked, how they told their story & really look at how they were presented. Overall I felt that I benefited greatly from this exhibition & it has built on my knowledge. Learning about how small scale Paul Smith started to how his reputation and brand has grown over the years is essential to me as a designer, as it is important to understand the business behind an industry, not just the creations at the forefront of it. I believe that I will be able to implement what I have learnt into the Experiential Learning project which will help my group & I execute our display much more successfully.

IMG_1614IMG_1717IMG_1721 IMG_1616IMG_1624IMG_1622IMG_1623IMG_1618 IMG_1617 IMG_1632 IMG_1631IMG_1641 IMG_1646IMG_1645IMG_1644IMG_1639IMG_1640IMG_1643 IMG_1647 IMG_1648 IMG_1636 IMG_1637 IMG_1638 IMG_1655 IMG_1660 IMG_1662 IMG_1661 IMG_1664 IMG_1674


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