After my thought of researching into what other people think the future will be and even the year 2025 specifically. The results were mostly repetitive, a lot of issues with the planet and global warming, which was fine as it will always be a concern but that’s something that has been going on for years already and for me it wasn’t enough of an original idea. So I kept searching and found a video that had been made to look like a documentary from the future. There were a number of videos and they were mainly about the governments across the world and how they have had such control over everyone – lots of rules and boundaries. There was also a large focus on technology and how much this will have advanced by 2025. Personally I wouldn’t be surprised if by 2025 all cars have become more robotic and are all run by electricity! When I think about it, its the little changes that happen now that will shape the future, phones becoming smarter than the teams inventing them, cars becoming more bullet shaped and streamlined, Astronauts training to go to Mars, Self service McDonalds! In a way, we’re becoming an ever more unsociable society. So by 2025, who knows how much or little we will actually communicate with each other in person! I think the best thing for me to do now is start using the information I’ve gathered and putting into design work.

Below is the link to a series of videos that I stumbled across whilst researching the year 2025, I thought it would be a good idea to share this as it helped with my idea generation. This really looks at the cultural & social issues but has large focus on environmental issues of the world.

The website I found was:





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