After my first lesson for this unit, I went through the brief again in my own time to refresh my memory of the project & its expectations. During the introductory tutorial, Nelda recommended looking at her Pinterest page which was outlined on the brief as well for reference. I explored the repetitive patterns that were available on there & found some of them interesting which sparked my own ideas for possible pattern/designs. Some of the ideas that were swimming around in my mind were: The ice caps all melted and the world was overcome with water so land was scarce, futuristic cars that fly, evolution has taken over and animals have become gigantic, a reverse in technology – the world came to a stop and wasn’t able to sustain its techno based society and everything shut down so the world had to go back in time and start over. (Far fetched but I thought it was a unique perspective) But as 2025 which isn’t that far into the future, I decided to explore other ideas before I write off the worlds advances too soon! Also this is supposed to be executed from a positive outlook, therefore I think I’ll look into how others have imagined the future & see if that spurs any inspiration.

And I’ve included one of the first things I looked at – the definition of Nostalgia.




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